How Do I Recommit?

IMGP7509-800x36610 hours later I was back home in Miami smiling from ear to ear about the weekend I just had with my fellow southeastern YAV’s. Let me back up a little… 

Spring Retreat is something I had been looking forward to all year. A chance to connect with YAV’s, share experiences and take a relaxing break from our site cities. The Miami YAV’s all piled into our van and drove for about 10 hours to reach the retreat site in Americus, Georgia. Stopping along the way for Puerto Rican food and Southern fast food staples, I became more and more excited for the retreat. 

One of the best parts for me was the idea of this retreat serving as a chance to recommit myself to my year. Throughout the year I have seen how I have become more passive about my commitments. I recognize that I have viewed these next couple of months as a pathway to my next adventure at Law School instead of a destination in it of itself.

So how can I recommit? 

When I think of recommitment I automatically become stressed because my first thought is that I am going to have to pick up new daily tasks in order to feel like I have made a effort to be more committed. However, at retreat we reflected on “letting go” which made a world of difference for me. The ability to let things go that I have been holding on to during my year could be a way I could open myself up more for a chance at recommitment. Letting go of a lack of control over when the bus comes, spending money, or even what I eat for dinner. Letting go over that sense of control allows me to recommit to my community. 

Recognizing that I am part of a larger YAV community was also very life giving for me. Seeing familiar faces and being able to talk about our experiences showed me new ways to recommit myself to my year. I see now that I have so many people rooting for me and for the Miami house, and that makes me feel more supported than ever. 

Thank you for an amazing weekend to all the wonderful YAV’s I met and to Koinonia Farms for hosting us!



[Here is a picture of me being a little sassy in front of President Jimmy Carter’s childhood home.]