Where Do I Begin?


Hello friends! A lot has happened here in Miami and it has only been one week! First, I want to thank everyone for their continued support during this transition. And transition it has been indeed.

Where do I begin?

After arriving in Miami my fellow YAVs and I took a driving tour through the city. Each different region and neighborhood has it’s own unique presence which makes Miami a special city. There is no singular word or description I can use to accurately portray this diverse city for what it is. I guess you’ll have to take my word for it. After seeing the parts of the city I couldn’t help but ask myself, where do I fit in?

I have felt most at home with my housemates, bonding over shared life experiences as well as learning about new ways of life. I have felt comforted while drinking a cup of Cafe con Leche at the local Cuban market near our house in Little Havana. I have felt curious as I’ve stared at the behemoth that is Marlins Park. I have felt disoriented when we were dropped off in the middle of nowhere and were challenged to find our way home with our new bus passes in South Miami. I have felt excitement when I found a giant avocado at a market on Calle Ocho. I have felt at peace singing with the church choir, “Be Thou My Vision”, which is one of my favorite hymns at my new church.

I have a long way to go before I change my status from “visitor” to “resident” in the city of Miami, but I can not wait to live out this transition.